The House of

Through the eyes of
Makin' Mud Pies on the Rappahannock

Erin and Juliana having fun
Sisters playful in the sun.
Upon the damp and glistening sands
The Children shape with youthful hands
A fresh and gooey feast of olde
A childhood treat you must behold.
At river's edge they sit and toil
Creating pastries from the soil.
How the young ones do aspire
Pastry Chefs for future hire.
Such a great and wondrous chore
Makin' mud pies on the shore.

Diana Palladino 2007
Envision the world through the eyes of a
sensitive and truly artistic talent, he is able to
capture the light, the colors and the textures of
that which surrounds him as he creates his
photo realistic works. Some of which will be
displayed in the "Cliff's Classics Gallery."  
He manipulates light, color and creates depth in
the wondrous splendor of his plein-air palette
knife miniatures, an amazing application of oil
on board projects dancing light and the
impressionistic aura of gossamer movement.  
You shall enjoy these works in the "Paletnifeclif
Miniatures Gallery."

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published in The Gazette and Daily, York Daily Record and The York Dispatch in York,  Pennsylvania.  
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